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Peeled Corn

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Slow Food Youth Network Podcast

Guests acknowledgments

Roxanne Swentzl, a Pueblo woman from Santa Clara, New Mexico who co-founded the Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute; author of Pueblo Food Experience Cookbook


Menar Meebed is a grandmother and owner of Minnies Dried Fruit and Vegetables, in Cairo, Egypt;


Salah Hammad, a permaculture consultant, and educator who lives in Sydney, Australia - originally from Jordan;


Mara King is a fermentation chef and one of the co-founders of Ozuke. Originally from Hong Kong, she currently works at Fresh Times Eatery in Boulder, Colorado;


Elena Escaño is a young agroecological pig farmer in Andalucia, Spain. At her family’s farm, Finca Montefrio, they breed the local pig race Iberico.


Episodes hosted on Anchor

Guests acknowledgments

This two-part podcast series explores two perspectives of food systems: one from a small-scale food producer and another from an advocate in food policy.


We first speak with Bridget Pettis, co-founder of Project Roots, who helps us understand how to make conscious and sustainable choices as consumers.


Then, we hear from Kenneth Steele, who works for Pinnacle Prevention. With his experience in food policy, Kenneth informs us about the importance of advocacy and how we can get involved.


Together we will learn how both individual practice and collaborative action play a role in creating sustainable food systems and vibrant, healthy communities.