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Utopia Smart Cities

The Utopia Smart City Project Team will work with app developers to create sustainable behavior gamification incentivizing crypto currency, with supporting outreach messaging, infographics, a Systems Dynamics Model, and a System Diagram.

Kids Running

Shape Up US

The Shape Up US Project Team will focus on educating K-5th grade families on nutrition, environmental, and holistic wellbeing by creating a workbook promoting environmentally conscious families, homes, and schools.

Classroom Lecture

Circular Classroom

The Circular Classroom Project Team will present to underserved highschools to give hands -on demonstrations of our Protocycler and 3D Printer, educating on sustainability and the circular economy.


FOR Energy

The FOR Energy Project Team will support promotional events and social media efforts to expand energy efficiency in the valley. 

Modern Neighborhood


The Dynamic Project Team will work with Dynamic RE to add sustainability curriculum and local resources to their real estate software.


Mtuli Foundation

 The Mtuli Foundation Project Team will research sustainable irrigation and agricultural methods and provide outreach to establish strategic partnerships.

Organic Farmer's Market

Rosebird Farms

The Rosebird Farms Project Team will perform a comprehensive literature review of rural food hubs, food delivery, and CSAs to incorporate into their mobile CSA grocery store.


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